Lift’s complete service removes the complex legal, financial, tax, regulatory and operational risks that would otherwise come with aircraft ownership

All the benefits of ownership without the burden



  • Your dedicated, capable aircraft

  • Where you want it, when you want it



  • Familiar high quality service

  • Team that you trust



  • Your safety is our priority

  • Committed to safety and security



  • Predictable & comparable budgets and economics

  • No residual value risk


Outsource your corporate aviation in a single commercial relationship. We procure your aircraft and provide a professional, complete service.


Simple and certain pricing reflecting the economics of aircraft ownership. You pay the fixed and variable elements with no residual value risk.

Choose Lift

Many owners experience aircraft ownership the hard way:

  • Buying an aircraft is complex, lacks transparency and ties up capital.
  • Owning an aircraft means operational and regulatory responsibilities, the burden of an expensive, non-core asset, and potential personal, legal and financial liabilities.
  • Selling an aircraft leads inevitably to residual value disappointment.

There is a smarter alternative to aircraft ownership.
With Lift, you get a service with simplicity and certainty.

  • Lift is a low risk, safe solution for you.
  • Committed to service levels for dispatch reliability and availability.
  • Flexible relationship structure for your changing needs.

It is simple.
Customers like you just want lift.

The smarter alternative to aircraft ownership

Smarter use of capital

Know all your true costs with greater certainty

  • Get unproductive assets off balance sheet
  • Reinvest cash at higher return
  • Avoid capex outlay & transaction costs
Smarter risk management

Place risk with professionals skilled to bear it

  • Remove operational & regulator exposure
  • Remove residual value & asset risk​
  • Reduce potential financial & legal liability
Smarter and simpler

Have a simple agreement and a quality service

  • Reduce need for advisors and stakeholders
  • Avoid complex tax & legal structures
  • Avoid managing people managing your assets
  • Redirect resources from non-core activities
Smarter compliance

Shift all your aviation compliance to Lift

  • No Part NCC – self certification obligations
  • No operational/airworthiness accountability
  • No chartering for VAT compliance
  • Eliminate “Grey charter” implications


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